Going out for tapas


One of the most delicious pleasures that both locals and visitors can enjoy in these latitudes is tapear, going out for tapas.

It is said that the word tapa comes from the custom they had in taverns in Andalucía of using a slice of ham, cheese or some kind of cold meat to cover the glasses of wine when they served them as a hygienic measure, to prevent insects from falling inside; the word tapa comes from the verb tapar, which means to cover.

The custom of serving drinks together with some delectable morsel was soon adopted all over Spain..

Tapas are not snacks, as several tapas together can make up a meal in its own right.

That is the dilemma often faced by people going out for a meal.

¿shall we have tapas or lunch?

On our tapas trip we´ll have some wine in a typical tavern dating from 1840.

Then we´ll enjoy our famous tapas in a bar in the town centre.

MEETING POINT: At the beginning of Larios street, outside the Women´secret shop.

TIME: 18:00 h (Winter time)
TIME: 19:30 h (Summer time)

DAY: Wednesday.




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