Erasmus +

Erasmus +

Scholarships for teachers

As has been widely announced in the media throughout Europe, the new Erasmus+ programme is now in place and functioning.

This is now the overall fund replacing programmes such as Comenius, Leonardo and Grundtvig in the Lifelong Learning programme.

The new programme is open to public and private educational institutions who can apply for funding to study in other public or private educational institutions in Europe.

Malaca instituto has had substantial experience in providing courses for teachers with Comenius funds and groups of students with the Leonardo programme.

If you are:

a school director: consider making an application for a group of your students to study Spanish with us or include more teachers in your 2-year language training programm.

a teacher: ask your Director to include a training course for you in the school’s Eramus+ application.

an agent: encourage your network of loyal teachers to apply (through their Educational Institution) for funding.

Each year there will be a deadline for school directors to present a 2-year training programme for as many of its teachers as they believe can benefit.

The programme appears to be wider in its scope and more flexible. Educational centres for example, can apply for general language courses of any level for Teachers. Teachers of French can apply to learn some Spanish and Drama Teachers could make a case for coming for Spanish + Flamenco!

The scholarship will usually cover all or most of the costs of travel, course and accommodation.

Malaca Instituto welcomes requests, from educational centres in other countries, to be a providing partner school. Applications for funding need to be made by an Educational Centre (school, university etc) and should be directed to the Erasmus+ office of the sending country or to the Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels:


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