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Spain is a country with a great University tradition, dating back to the early 13th Century and thus with some of Europe’s longest established and most famous Universities.
Spain now has over 60 public Universities, some ancient and others of modernestablishment.
They all offer Undergraduate and official Masters Degrees recognised around the world.
Spanish is spoken by well over 400 million people and is the world’s second business language. It is also the language of Cervantes and Lorca, a language of culture and passion. If you are currently making decisions about your educational career and are looking for the kind of qualifications that will help you to find quality international employment, fluency in Spanish and a Spanish qualification would be a tremendous advantage. Most young people who study abroad tend to do so in English-speaking countries: those who do so in a Spanish-speaking country will stand out very positively at job interviews!

There are, of course, numerous other reasons for studying in Spain (the diversity of culture, countryside, the people, the great cities.....), but to stand out in your country as one of the few people qualified to speak and do business with the Spanish speaking world makes studying in Spain an option seriously worth considering.

Entry to UNDERGRADUATE Degrees

Over the last 20 years Malaca Instituto has successfully prepared many students for entry to Undergraduate Degrees in Spain.

The preparation has always involved Intensive Spanish and in most cases has implied preparation for the Selectividad University Entrance exam. “Selectividad” has now come to an end and has been replaced by 2 different entry exams for overseas students “PCE” and “PEvAU”.

For EU students and those from countries with bi-lateral agreements (China, Norway and Switzerland), it is most likely that they will be able to join most Degree programmes based on their school leaving exams and marks. However, in some cases, they might need to raise their scores by taking some extra, specific exams. We will be able to give advice on this. Ask for information.

Preparation programme

Our specific preparation course which can lead to the “PCE” or “PEvAU” exams starts in January and run until the exams at the end of May. This implies that by the end of December, a student wanting to take this course will need to have completed level B2.

Students who are beginners in Spanish can typically take between 5 and 12 months to achieve a B2 level. The amount of time depends on their mother tongue and linguistic background.

To prepare successfully to enter University in Spain you will want to study in a quality Spanish language school with staff who understand your needs and objectives and can help you to achieve them. You will find this and more in Malaca Instituto.

We recommend that you contact us so that we can give you the best advice based on your current level of Spanish, your background and the degree which you would like to take.

Undergraduate Degrees in Spain


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This is an ideal way of spending time between school and your Undergraduate Degree course: you first study Spanish to achieve a level of B2 and you then study at Spanish University for a Semester, alongside Spanish and other international students.

During your University Semester you can create your own study plan by choosing from a wide range of subjects and you can gain up to 24 ECTS (European Academic Credit) which you should then
be able to use towards your Undergraduate Degree in Spain or elsewhere.

The final objectives of this programme are to achieve a C1 level of Spanish and also to gain an insight into university life in Spain – an invaluable experience if you are considering studying for an Undergraduate Degree in Spain. The ECTS credits should also be a useful addition to your academic CV.

University Semester

Dates & Fees

This is undoubtedly a useful way to spend a Gap Year!

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